Casa Millefiori: Ihr „Haus der Tausend Lichtideen“

Wir präsentieren Ihnen die zurzeit begehrtesten leuchtenden Geschenkartikel
aus der verzaubernden Welt stimmungsvoller Kunstkerzen & Lichtspiele.

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Casa Millefiori bietet:

Casa Millefiori @home Shop

Barely unpacked at the booths of Europe’s most celebrated Christmas markets and already on their way to your home – safe, easy and convenient! (more…)

Living Light

Since 1986, we have been passionately devoted to “the Art of Living Light”.
We believe that lively, flickering candle-light caresses the soul, unlike artificial light which is confined to simply light up dark rooms.


A World of Light

Together with our friends and partners throughout the World, we are constantly seeking out those handcrafted light objects, which best highlight the timeless, magical attraction “living light” holds –  always in trendy and contemporary design. (more…)



Casa Millefiori: Limited Edition

Zu Weihnachten, lebendes Licht in Bewegung schenken:
 Casa Millefiori Buntglas-Carosellos im Zweier-Set zum günstigen Verschenkpreis von nur 20,00€: (more…)


Paris – un amour de Noël

Champs Elysées once again shines in its unequalled Christmas lights and the largest Christmas market of the metropolis, located between the Ferris wheel of the Place de la Concorde and the Grand Palais, is open. (more…)