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Casa Millefiori: The Christmas Market People

Since we started our business, we have felt a strong connection to the most beautiful traditions of German Christmas customs. That is why we started out as an exclusive distributor of hand-made art candles and lanterns at our homeland's classic Christmas markets, whose unique, romantic atmosphere attracts millions of guests from all over the world every year during Advent.

We owe our company identity to our many years of experience as street vendors in the most magnificent, festively decorated squares in Germany. But our product philosophy is based above all on the countless, direct and personal encounters with the many people who gave us a brief insight into their deeper wishes, desires and preferences.

As Christmas Market People from the very beginning, we still see ourselves as pioneers who see their primary task as developing products that – in a trendy and contemporary way – fulfil people’s eternal need for intimate, contemplative and individual mood staging.

As original candle dealers, we continue to be passionate about everything that provides warmth, security and sensuality, and believe that – today as in ancient times – “living candlelight” makes a decisive contribution to this.

  • Worlds of Light

    Together with our friends and partners all over the world, we are always looking for those handcrafted light works that best showcase the timeless, magical attraction of “living lights” in a trendy, contemporary design.
  • Living Light

    Since 1986, we have been passionately dedicated to the Art of Living Light (l'Art de la Lumière Animée). Lively flickering candlelight caresses the soul - unlike artificial light, which only illuminates rooms.
  • Casa Millefiori@home Shop

    … just freshly unpacked at the stands of the most famous Christmas markets in Europe, and already
    – safe, easy and convenient –
    directly to your home!

Casa Millefiori@home Shop

... just freshly unpacked at the stalls of the most famous Christmas markets in Europe, and now – safely, easily and conveniently – directly to your home!

Use our practical @home shop to order the latest market hits online, easily, quickly and inexpensively! Also look out for our Casa Millefiori: Limited Edition items - our limited new products, which we present exclusively on the pages of our web shop as a service to our loyal customers: your treasure trove of unusual, artfully crafted light gifts from all over the world.

But be careful, these offers are only valid while stocks last!

Paris "La Magie de Noël" candle workshop

Visit us in our Atélier de Bougies in the Tuileries Garden at the largest Christmas market in Paris and marvel at our "Living Light" in the middle of the City of Lights.

The location

Dresden Striezelmarkt

For many years we have had our walk-in candle workshop at the historic Dresden Striezelmarkt and, in addition to our popular lighting items, we also offer candle workshops. Color and carve your own candle here and create an unforgettable memory and perhaps a gift with an individual touch.

Period: 21.11-23-12-2024

Arrival and parking

Candle House Freiburg