About us

Casa Millefiori: The Christmas market people

Ever since we ventured into business, we have felt inspired by the finest traditional festive customs that make the German Christmas experience so special.

Thus, we established ourselves as exclusive retailers of hand-crafted candles and decorative windlights on the magnificent classic Christmas markets in our home country.
Every year during the Advent period, their unique, romantic atmosphere attracts millions of guests from all over the World. 
While we owe our present company identity to our years of experience as mobile merchants in Germany’s fabulously decorated city-centers, our underlying product philosophy grew out of the innumerable direct encounters and personal conversations with our many visitors, who granted us a short insight into their wishes, desires and product preferences.

As Christmas Market People from the start, we still consider ourselves as pioneers in our field – and remain dedicated to designing ever-new products which cater to people’s eternal desire to express and re-create their individual, self-reflective or intimate moods within their homes.

As original candle-makers, we are still “all flame” for everything that bestows feelings of nourishing warmth, comfortable coziness or indulgent sensuality.

We remain convinced that the “living light” emanating from lit candles will continue to have an important influence on our deeper emotions – as it always has had, since ancient times.